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You will be part of an individualized 24 Week Low Carb or Keto Program based on your own health, goals and motivation. A registered pharmacist will safely manage your medications and help you achieve your personal health goals.

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Please note: People with the following pre-existing conditions should not enroll in the Robinsong Health Low Carb Program: heart failure; severe kidney dysfunction (mild kidney dysfunction is fine and can benefit from low carb); a history of an eating disorder. 

24 Week Pharmacist Supervised Low Carb Program 

You'll get everything you need to succeed in reversing your Type 2 Diabetes:
  • 2 ½ Hour Introductory Workshop Video to get you started
  • 1 Personal One-on-One Consultation and Medication Review via Skype or Phone (1 hour)
  • 6 Personal One-on-One Follow Up Consultations (1/2 hour each)
  • Safe Monitoring of your Medication by a Registered Pharmacist
  • Low Carb or Keto Nutrition Planning by a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer
  • Private Facebook Group for Shared Information, Discussions & Continued Support
Some of the benefits
clients report include:
  • Medication reductions for diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Reduced hunger
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced cravings
  • Better sleep
Why it Works

Low carb is effective because it reduces the body’s release of insulin. Insulin drives hunger and fat storage in the body. Carbohydrates and certain types of oils, which are restricted on a low carb diet, both cause inflammation. Cutting back on both of these improves quality of life as people lose weight, reduce medications, regain mobility and have less pain.

Erin Pitkethly, Registered Pharmacist and Nutritionist,  is a member of Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition, a group of Canadian physicians and healthcare professionals who use evidence-based dietary intervention to improve, and when possible, reverse the symptoms of chronic, nutritionally-related diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

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Erin Pitkethly   BSc Phm, RPh

Registered Pharmacist, Low Carb Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer
Robinsong Health
320 Airport Road (in BioPed building),
North Bay, ON P1B 8W9